SEI provides curriculum and teacher training in the areas of energy and resource efficiency, climate change science, renewable energy, green transportation and green careers. 

Curriculum products and pricing are for use by one teacher. If you are interested in a curriculum license for a school or district, please contact Emily Courtney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below is detailed information on our curriculum resource library: 

Career Technical Courses

SEI offers semester or year-long UC A-G approved courses that are designed to meet the California Career Technical Education Standards for the Energy, Environment, and Utilities sector.

If you are interested in purchasing Career Technical Courses, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction and Advanced Green Technology

Introduction to Green Technology
A D-Lab Science course that introduces students to career opportunities in sustainable STEM fields through a series of projects including: wind turbine design, making biodiesel, creating solar cars, energy auditing, and residential circuit building.
Price: $500
Advanced Green Technology
A G-Elective Science course where students complete projects related to sustainable design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. These projects are focused on these core topics: zero net energy, solar installation, aquaponics, solar hot water, and biomimicry.
Price: $500



SEI High School Sustainability Certificates


SEI offers 5 Certificates designed to develop career skills with high school students in a wide range of disciplines including science, math, social studies, leadership, and career technical education. Lessons can be delivered individually or as a semester or year-long program, and include background information, activities, worksheets, templates, and several optional extension projects. If students successfully complete the Certificate, they earn a Certificate from SEI and may concurrently earn high school and college credit.

Energy Auditing Certificate

Perform a school energy audit and gain other hands-on experience to develop skills and awareness of the energy auditing profession.
Price: $150

Sustainable Enterprise

Students address a problem they observe in their community, develop a business plan, and start a new enterprise.
Price: $150